Mackenzie Lemon

Mackenzie began dancing at the age of two and instantly fell in love with the art. At the age of six, Mackenzie began competing in jazz, ballet and hip hop. She has since continued to compete and loves various styles of dance. Throughout her competitive career Mackenzie has won numerous awards and overalls. She travelled to New York City where she danced in the Disney production of Dance the Magic on Broadway and worked with industry leaders. She has performed in a music video with Steve Major and worked with fantastic choreographers including Mariah Awaiye, Greggory Heinz, Lineen Deung, Shannon Murray, ┬áDerick Robinson, Irvin Washington, Jordan Clark, Jade “Hollywood” Anderson, Allison Bradley, Lamar Johnson, Paige Sealey, Nico De Jesus, Judine Somerville, Olivia Hutcherson and many more. Mackenzie constantly shares her love of dance with younger dancers and loves guiding and teaching them.